An International Family Of Churches Together On Mission

About Us

Our Leadership

The Salt & Light International Team are made up of leaders from across our international family of churches. To find out more information about the team members, see here

Our Journey

Salt & Light is an international family of churches and leaders.
We developed in the early 1970s around the leadership of Barney Coombs as leaders and churches were drawn together by a common desire to see the Body of Christ grow to be all God wants it to be.
This has grown into an international family of several different apostolic spheres, joined through the relationship of leaders.

Our Commitments

core commitmentsThe core leadership of our family of churches has certain beliefs, values and commitments. This is how we want to live together in our part of the family of God! As leaders we will live according to these core commitments. We will preach and teach these commitments in our conferences and training, constantly calling up churches to them.

Recent discussions on the need for greater cohesion to provide a greater degree of mobilisation for the mission God has called us to, have led to a call for greater clarity on what the Salt & Light family of churches stand for and are committed to. They describe us now – the result of walking together relationally for 25 years – and so they are also the foundation for where we want to go together.
We have explored a 3-stage model, successively setting out our place in God’s wider evangelical family, within the charismatic family and our distinctive character as the Salt & Light family.

Click here to review our core commitments document (PDF, 170k).