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BLOG: The Gospel, the EU and Me

In my most recent blog, I talked quite a lot about eternity – which affects significantly how we think about this life. But of course, God’s kingdom has an impact on our views about lots of things in the life we live on this earth. So one of the questions several people have asked me over the last few weeks is: So, is there a Biblical view of how we think about the European Union?

Well, I have several “random” thoughts which may or may not help anyone trying to decide how to vote.

  • I love Europe. God told the Salt & Light family prophetically to be involved with taking the message of the Kingdom
  • I am not in love with the European Union! I don’t like large political conglomerates, which are largely unaccountable to the people they are influencing, and I perceive many humanistic agendas that run counter to Biblical ways of thinking. However, that is also true of many governments in many nations. I think that we have more chance of changing it from within than outside. I know there are some Christians who think that the EU is a manifestation of the Beast of Revelation 13, but that wouldn’t be my view. Any government that takes an atheistic anti-Christian position is Beastly, for sure, and will be defeated by the Kingdom of Christ in the end (Hallelujah!); the EU is more of a pragmatic co-operative union of nations.
  • I don’t think the argument should be won or lost on whether the European Union benefits us economically. (Not that we seem to have any agreement on whether this is the case or not – it depends how you play the figures!) But that sounds like a largely selfish approach.
  • I don’t think immigration or fear of immigrant “takeover” should be a criterion for making a decision either. God’s word tells us to have a heart for the homeless and the aliens amongst us. The history of Israel is the story of a whole people group who were homeless slaves in Egypt, whom God gave a home to in their own land. Having God’s heart is a requirement for God’s people.
  • I do think that the endless petty rules that come from the EU are tiresome and unnecessary. But again, bureaucracy cannot be tackled from outside, but from inside. We need a few sensible (Christian?) European MPs and movers and shakers who can challenge silliness and help to establish righteousness.
  • My overwhelming desire, as a Christian, is to see the gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus run freely throughout the nations, and to proclaim Christ where Christ is not known. I have a right to do that across Europe now. I can go and live as a Christian in any of the participating nations.

I want to maintain that right and opportunity. I might have to be careful. There may be local sensibilities. But I have the right to do it, and this right is backed by the full weight of the European Union. This is an incredible opportunity, and I want to maintain it as long as possible. That’s why I’m voting to stay in!

Steve Thomas
International Team Leader