An International Family Of Churches Together On Mission

What we do


We publish a 6 monthly magazine for the international family with stories and news from different nations and thought provoking articles by our leaders, teachers and thinkers.

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We see training and equipping as a very important part of what we do, not least because Ephesians 4.12 talks about “equipping God’s people for works of service” as a key part of the function of Ephesians 4 leadership. We offer a range of training, seeking to equip everyone in the church for what God has called them to do. As a family of churches we see much of our training delivered in the local church or in the regions. Regional teams provide support to local leaders to ensure high quality training across a range of areas. Some more specialist training is delivered at a national or continental level.

Specialist regional training

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An Adventure in Church Administration

Administration has a bad press generally. Many people will react negatively if you ask them about it. This often arises from the standpoint commonly held towards administration in the wider world where we too often experience unhelpful bureaucracy and ‘jobs-worthy’ attitudes. This is not the biblical pattern!

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We hold a biannual International Leaders Conference to gather leaders of all types from our international family of churches.

The purpose is to:

  • inspire leaders with news of what God is doing around the world, and with fresh vision for what he wants to do in their community and beyond
  • equip leaders with the skills and tools to serve God, live well and lead others into the mission of God
  • refresh leaders by providing time to step back from work and ministry, and be renewed in God’s presence
  • connect leaders from many nations, enabling God to form fresh partnerships for purpose